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    Verto apartments viewed from Bluegrey Avenue


  • Finished! 27th February 2017 - Verto Apartments are now handed over to all the new owners.

    Verto Apartments have completed the settlement process and all purchasers have now taken ownership of their apartments.
    Please see below for some images of the finished building.

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  • Nearing Settlement 21st December 2016 - Verto Apartments getting ready for hand over to purchasers

    Verto Apartments are now nearing settlement. At this stage of the development we are complying documents for Auckland Council and Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) for them to sign off on titles and other certificates to enable us to execute settlement for the purchasers.

    We anticipate settlement to be mid February 2017.

  • Almost There 14th October 2016 - The finish line is in sight.

    The Verto Apartments build is nearing the end as completion of construction due in the next month.

    Work still continues on the car park and the internal fit outs of apartments on the top floors with landscaping to commence soon.

    Timber screens are been installed throughout the stairwells with all aluminum joinery now complete.

    Soon it will be time for purchasers to be able to look through their new apartments before settlement due early 2017.

  • From the Inside 23rd August 2016 - Kitchens and Bathrooms begin to be installed.

    Progress at Verto has moved indoors as the installation of kitchens and bathrooms commence on the Ground and First Levels turning these empty spaces into homes.

    Internal doors have been installed on all levels as well as all plasterboard wall linings. Window installation to Level Four has been completed with the curtain wall system, an outer covering of the building, currently underway.

    Level Four ceilings have been installed while tiling is underway for the kitchen, bathrooms and entrance ways on the Ground and First Level as seen in the images gallery.

    On the outside of the building painting still continues while the waterproof membrane for the roof is 100% complete.

    Ancillary structures such as the Valve Room and Rubbish Enclosure are progressing well with in ground drainage now complete.

    99% of the balcony handrails are now complete and installation of breezeway handrails have commenced with screens closely following.

    On the Ground Level, apartments with studies have had their slider doors installed on a 3 track system allowing for different variations of the doors being opened as seen in the image gallery

    The final fix of services such as electrical, plumbing, fire sprinkler and extraction ducting has commenced on the Ground Level with painting of the interiors now reaching Level Two.

    Construction is progressing well and we continue to be on schedule for our settlement date, first quarter 2017.

  • Something on the Inside 30th June 2016 - Work begins on the internal fit outs of the apartments.

    In viewing the recent construction photography at the Verto Apartment site its easy to see all the progress that the Kalmar Construction team have be making.

    Insulation and wall linings have been installed in all ground and first floor apartments. The second and third floors are in the process of having insulation and wall linings installed. Framing work continues on the fourth floor with insulation due to commence soon.

    The first fit out of services such as electrical, plumbing, fire sprinkler and extraction ducting have been installed on all floors with the work on these services completed once all wall linings are installed.

    With now over 72,000 construction hours put into the building we are beginning internal fit outs with painting started on the ground floor.

    The balconies for all levels have been installed with balustrades to be fixed shortly. We are currently halfway through the installation of the ranch sliders and windows to all apartments. The waterproof membrane on the roof is well advanced with construction of the Rubbish Enclosure and Value Room commencing.

    The yellow fin features of the building was narrowed down to three choices before Resene Galliano was chosen as the colour to be used to give personality to the apartments.

    We are pleased with the progress happening on-site and construction remains on schedule.

  • SOLD OUT! 24th June 2016 - Verto Apartments Sold Out!

    Verto Apartments by Todd Property and Fletcher Residential has officially sold out.

    The 60, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments with study options, was sold out 8 months prior to its completion. Construction continues on the building by Kalmar Construction and is due to be completed first quarter 2017.

    Bellus Apartments is currently over 50% sold and offers apartments ranging in 1, 2 and 3 bedroom living options. Bellus is currently under construction due for completion fourth quarter 2017.

    For more information visit bellus.co.nz

    The next release of apartments in Stonefields is due in 2017.

  • Progress Continues 21st April 2016 - Getting an update from inside the building.

    For this update we’ve been granted access on to the building site and have been able to take some pictures from inside the building.

    While it may look like chaos walking through the building with our high vis vest, steel cap boots and hard hats, the work of the 281 tradespeople with over 42,000 man hours is evident to see. What once were empty shells, are now framed out apartments on the ground, first and second floors. The first fit out of services such as electrical, plumbing, fire sprinkler and extraction ducting have been installed on the ground and first floors with the work on these services completed when the walls are finished with Gyprock.

    The balconies for all levels have been poured and are kept offsite until they’re needed for installing due to limited storage space on site. The balconies for the first and second level are underway with the slabs, ranging in size from 6.5m² to 12.5m², being lifted into place by cranes. On the ground floors, ranch sliders which will be used to access the courtyards and to balconies on the upper levels are starting to be installed.

    The breezeways which provide access to apartments, on level 1 to 4, are also providing access for the tradespeople to move around the building freely. The first concrete pour of the breezeways has been completed on all floors with the final pour to be one of the last jobs completed on site. Working from the top down this will ensure the correct look and feel for the concrete is achieved.

    Auckland Council has signed off on the last of a three stage building consent process meaning all council requirements have been met by the builders and construction can proceed to completion. Construction is progressing well and we continue to be on schedule for our settlement date first quarter of 2017.

  • Reaching the Top 4th March 2016 - Verto construction has reached the top floor of the building.

    Construction has progressed to the fifth and final floor of Verto Apartments.  All levels have had their concrete floors poured and external walls have been installed to the top level.
    Lift wells have been completed up to the fourth floor with external panels being craned into position.

    Balconies on the first level facing Bluegrey Avenue are been installed using steel beams and concrete while scaffolding is being erected around the front of the building facing Brian Slater Way for the commencement of installing breezeways on the upper levels.

    Internal framing has commenced as well as the the installation of the fire sprinkler system.

    Construction is progressing well and on schedule.

  • Verto progressing to New Heights 29th January 2016 - Verto is making good progress through its first construction phase.

    Since it’s start in August 2015 construction on Verto Apartments has progressed well reaching up to Level 3. The building is taking shape will all floors poured except for the top floor and framing has commenced.

    Internally, the installation of in-slab plumbing and services in the ground floor have commenced and stairs and lift wells have been installed up until Level 3. The exterior panels of the lift wells provide texture to the building allowing the character of Verto to come through.

    Continuing on the exterior, the installation of balconies and breezeways have commenced using steel joinery and concrete. The breezeways allow natural light into the apartments as well as providing access ways to each home.

    Currently, when viewing the building, timber cladding can be seen around the ground floor. This timber is used as protection for the building while cranes and other heavy machinery are on site.

    Overall construction has progressed well keeping us on schedule and settlement is still expected to take place in early 2017.


  • Verto Breaks Sales Record 29th September 2015 - Demand for Stonefields apartments see Verto sell fast

    Verto Apartments were launched on the 19th September with an impressive 33 of the 60 apartments sold in the opening weekend.

    The sales suite had a line stretching over 100 people deep all wanting an apartment in Stonefields. The demand continued over the coming weeks with 90% sold in the first two weeks after launch.

    With such an intense interest in Stonefields from perspective buyers Todd Property and Fletcher Residential have brought forward the release date of their next apartment project, Bellus.

    Bellus located on College Road, is underway and will offer 80 apartments with a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom living options. For more information visit bellus.co.nz

  • Verto Apartments Launched and Under Construction 11th September 2015 - Construction has begun on the latest apartment building in Stonefields.

    Construction has begun on the latest apartment building, Verto, located on opposite ilico on Bluegrey Avenue. Verto is the sister building to ilico and will have 60 apartments offering 1 and 2 bedroom living options.

    Planning for the next apartment building, Bellus located on College Road, is underway and will offer 80 apartments with a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom living options. For more visit bellus.co.nz

    Construction of Verto is expected to be completed by 2017.

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