Progress Continues

For this update we’ve been granted access on to the building site and have been able to take some pictures from inside the building.

While it may look like chaos walking through the building with our high vis vest, steel cap boots and hard hats, the work of the 281 tradespeople with over 42,000 man hours is evident to see. What once were empty shells, are now framed out apartments on the ground, first and second floors. The first fit out of services such as electrical, plumbing, fire sprinkler and extraction ducting have been installed on the ground and first floors with the work on these services completed when the walls are finished with Gyprock.

The balconies for all levels have been poured and are kept offsite until they’re needed for installing due to limited storage space on site. The balconies for the first and second level are underway with the slabs, ranging in size from 6.5m² to 12.5m², being lifted into place by cranes. On the ground floors, ranch sliders which will be used to access the courtyards and to balconies on the upper levels are starting to be installed.

The breezeways which provide access to apartments, on level 1 to 4, are also providing access for the tradespeople to move around the building freely. The first concrete pour of the breezeways has been completed on all floors with the final pour to be one of the last jobs completed on site. Working from the top down this will ensure the correct look and feel for the concrete is achieved.

Auckland Council has signed off on the last of a three stage building consent process meaning all council requirements have been met by the builders and construction can proceed to completion. Construction is progressing well and we continue to be on schedule for our settlement date first quarter of 2017.