Verto progressing to New Heights

Since it’s start in August 2015 construction on Verto Apartments has progressed well reaching up to Level 3. The building is taking shape will all floors poured except for the top floor and framing has commenced.

Internally, the installation of in-slab plumbing and services in the ground floor have commenced and stairs and lift wells have been installed up until Level 3. The exterior panels of the lift wells provide texture to the building allowing the character of Verto to come through.

Continuing on the exterior, the installation of balconies and breezeways have commenced using steel joinery and concrete. The breezeways allow natural light into the apartments as well as providing access ways to each home.

Currently, when viewing the building, timber cladding can be seen around the ground floor. This timber is used as protection for the building while cranes and other heavy machinery are on site.

Overall construction has progressed well keeping us on schedule and settlement is still expected to take place in early 2017.